Viva Digomi project is in final stage.


Despite all the difficulties in 2020 and the world pandemic. Our project "Viva Digomi" is in the final phase and will be completed according to the plan-schedule. The process of handing over of apartments and resettling the owners will begin at End of Q1 of 2021. By the end of 2020, the total investment made by our company in this project is more than 20 million.


A block status in December of 2020 Completed: Roof waterproofing works; The facade works;

In progress: Facade paving works to be completed by the end of the month; Renovation and repair works of the commercial floor and underground parking; Facade walls, floor a and stair tiling; Water and electricity supply; B block status The reinforced concrete slab of the roof was laid and thus the main monolithic/concrete construction works were completed; In progress: Facade wall arrangement works with bricks; Repair works of the walls separating the apartments with blocks; Installation of plastic doors and windows on the facade; Installation of metal railings on balconies;