Viva Retail Distribution

Due to the significant increase in the retail direction in 2017, Viva Retail was created as a separate company with its dedicated management. Viva Retail aims to Enter in TOP 5 distribution companies in Caucasus and CA region in 2023. Currently, Viva Retail operates and has representatives and a distribution network on the Georgian, Armenian, and Turkmenistan markets.

In the next three years, we have a strategic plan to enter four more markets: Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan.
Since the beginning, our management decided to work and develop business only with premium class product manufacturers. During the last two decades, we constantly are pushing quality standards and customer demand higher. We genuinely care what and how we are doing. That's why we only distribute premium level products to our customers.

Distribution & products

Alcoholic Drinks

Tobacco Products

Baby Care Products

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Activities and achievements

Beginning of journey

The first direction in retail was wine distribution, which we started in 2013. The aim was to introduce market new and premium level brands, the first brand which we focus on was Yellow Tail. Last several years we have expanded our distribution network in Georgia, Armenia, and Turkmenistan in the field of Alcoholic Drinks and nowadays we represented over 12 brands in these markets.


In 2016 we started the process of creating a separate company under the umbrella of Viva Group. Process took over 1 year to be completed and by 2017 VIva Retail LLC was established with dedicated team and much more flexibility

New Markets

As of 2020, our company works in 3 markets, including Georgia, Armenia, and Turkmenistan. a first branch office was opened in 2016 in Armenia, Yerevan, and in 2019 second branch in Ashkhabad, Turkmenistan. We have plans to expend our presence over all CIS territories by 2030

Brands and products