• We are looking for candidates with analytical skills, capable of assessing any situation from a variety of perspectives. We value commitment and efficiency in action. Communication and teamwork skills and an excellent command of English and Russian are considered an asset. Our doors are open to anyone with leadership skills, the courage to defend their own beliefs, a willingness to take the initiative, and a mind open to new challenges. We value mutual respect, passion in all action taken, and a sense of humor: we want to do our job in a pleasant atmosphere.

  • We recognize that healthcare, production and complex construction issues have no borders. Neither does excellence. So we are continually in search of the brightest, most talented individuals from around the globe. And we are proud to employ a dedicated and committed workforce that is diverse in gender, nationality and ethnic background.

    Viva's staff works with governments, civil society groups, the private sector, and others in developing countries around the region, assisting people in all areas of healthcare, from policy and guidelines introduction/implementation to regular daily support HCPs.

  • We are a regional, multi-directional company, which is continuously growing—allowing our employees to work on local and foreign markets and meet and sense the differences and cultures of a dozen countries. 

    We are motivated to develop as a worldwide player in medical, wine production, and construction businesses. We are always happy to see our staff grow together with the company.

  • Our Expertise in this field gives the best two-way match for both - youngsters and experts. We have a dedicated team of professionals and they know the solutions to today's modern industries' needs. We work round the clock to provide excellent results. We always search talented, motivated young employees, but we are searching well established and highly recommend or recognized experts as well, to lead and teach the new generation members of our team. This gives chance all of our employees to grow, together and hand in hand.

    Viva is providing a needed environment for deepening expertise and more than 200 training programs during the year.


  • By giving unique employee development opportunities gives everyone a chance to grow. As our experience in the past shows that traditional teaching methods aren’t always successful, thinking outside the box is a smart way to push team members without boring or overwhelming them.

    We believe each team member is unique and trying to have a dedicated approach with career development for each of them

  • Please write to us anytime about your questions, thoughts or concerns - we will happily reply to you and provide detailed information about any open vacancy we have or our cooperative approaches with existing or future employees of ours. 

    You can write to us at -