BD will distribute tests to USA

The BioMedomics Rapid IgM-IgG Combined Antibody Test for COVID-19 distributed by BD is a visually read lateral flow immunoassay used to qualitatively detect IgG and IgM antibodies of the novel coronavirus in human finger-stick (capillary) or venous whole blood, serum, and plasma samples.

Easy to use, Works with whole blood, serum and plasma. Tests for both IgM and IgG in a visually read lateral flow immunoassay. Detection of COVID-19 IgM antibodies may indicate a recent exposure, whereas Detection of COVID-19 IgG antibodies may indicate a later stage infection.

Easy Four step workflow


  1. Collect whole blood/serum/plasma sample.*
  2. Add blood/serum/plasma sample to the Test Cassette sample well.
  3. Place 2-3 drops of buffer in the Test Cassette sample well.
  4. Read results after 10 minutes and no more than 15 minutes.